Do-ALL #18 Cleaner Degreaser, quart

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Do-ALL #18

Multi-Purpose Cleaner / Degreaser / Surface Washing Agent

Do-ALL #18 is a highly concentrated product meant to be diluted 1 to 50 times and more with water (hard, soft, fresh or salt). One Gallon will make 21 to 51 gallons of cleaner/degreaser or 101 gallons of Floor Scrubber formula. Check for your intended use to see what dilution is recommended to see just how far one gallon will go for you.
Automotive – From light cleaning to Parts Washers
Marine – Clean your upholstery, engine room and bilge with one product
Household Use – Uses abound around the house, garage and yard
Restaurants – From floor to food prep areas and grease traps
Warehouse/Industrial  – Auto Garages / Warehouses / Gas Stations
Emergency Response – Emergency Responders / Highway Patrol
Environmental Cleanup  – Open Water / Coastal Clean-up Spills at Sea Spills on Land Beach Clean-up
Listed on the EPA’s National Contingency Plan

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Weight 3 lbs
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